Hi, I’ve written and directed for Funny Or Die, Syfy, Audible, and Comedy Central. Most recently, my short dark comedy ‘Two Chairs, Not One’ was selected as a Vimeo Staff Pick. I currently have a true crime feature inspired by the Tony Kiritsis Hostage Crisis titled DEAD MAN’S WIRE.

I have a penchant for riding my bike (with a helmet, ofc) and carrying books/scripts in a backpack that bears the license plate from The French Connection.

Photo taken by Daniel Rashid in NYC, c.2023

“Filmmaking is a lot like digging through a mountain of shit, looking for diamonds. You have to comb through the bullshit in search of the magic. But you keep toiling, never give up, and when you clean off the shit...all the audience needs to see is a handful of perfect, shiny diamonds.”
(David O. Russell, circa 2015)

“No, no, no... I only produce diamonds”
(Werner Herzog, circa 2023, in response)